Problem tracking

Keep an eye on equipment-related problems and be informed of problem activity via email notifications.

QR code support

Let others help you with tracking problems with your equipment by exposing a QR code for each unit.

Simple dashboard

See charts with problem stats, keep abreast of most problematic pieces of equipment and see activity history.

Focusing on design,
not only features

Get more impression by using modern solutions in web design

Pleasant design increases the joy of usage. Give it a try! Head over the demo app and evaluate the interface yourself.

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Supervise equipment

Keep a record of your equipment: add, modify or delete units. Each unit can have one or several assignees and a unique QR code, with help of which others can report problems.


Keep an eye of problems

It's always a good idea to be aware of any problems happening to your equipment. Have a simple and handy tool for reporting and resolving problems and keep your equipment in good shape.


Track tasks

A simple task tracker. Still keeping your tasks an old-way, by putting them on whiteboard? You have the opportunity to try a new approach.


Manage users

Add, update and delete accounts. Adjust access to different components of the app by setting users a role. Also, each user can be assigned to one or several equipment units.


Search and export your disposal. Search by several criteria and export found data to CSV, PDF or Excel


Observe stats

You'll have an access to beautifully organised dashboard with some useful info about your equipment.

Personal solutions

Get features that you need

Not enough features offered in the demo? No worries. We can add any needed functionality just for your setup.

24/7 Tech support

Get assistance
Seven days a week

All the things we offer - provide support, fix a bug, add a function, answer email or do any support-related work - we do it on any day of the week.

Data migration

Have your data
In a new place

We'll help you import your list of equipment or any other related data even if it is on a sheet of plain paper.